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What to do about leaking gas and gas tanks in London Ontario

Frustrated !!! You go to fill up and leave the gas station with a strong fuel odour . It could be your filler neck , your tank , a sending unit, lines or a spill . I would suggest we could look into and...

Brake failure on a Montana pontiac in London Ontario

This Montana came in for brakes that failed leaving no pedal . The fact that this van was certified last year at a car lot up the road is horrifying to me as this van hauls the whole family . Get your brakes checked...

Brake shoe replacement and leaky wheel cylinders in London Ontario

This client came in for his fall brake inspection and we found a set of brake shoes that were worn down to the rivets We also found the wheel cylinders were leaking

Body accident collision repair in London Ontario

We do wiring repairs too This 2005 Chrysler will get a frame straighten and a hood , fender and a paint job and look like new again at Ricky Ratchets Auto .

Ford F150 quits at car wash or in rain and gets towed in to our repair garage in London Ontario -Lincoln

Go here now and click this video link and see how a Ford truck that looks to be in really good shape can be a risk to go on a vacation with especially if it rains . This one quit in a car wash...

Change your shocks and struts in London Ontario

Change your shocks and struts in London it is dangerous . Watch this video link when you click on dangerous and see how the tire got chewed up and caused a very dangerous condition on the highway around London Ontario . Try convenience at...

Dodge and Chrysler repairs and refurbishing in London Ontario

We had a great couple of months with some really cool cars in for repairs at our shop in London Ontario . This Saturday we lined them up for a photo and it was a real eye catcher .

Bob Martin’s Golf and Fashion closes ( packs it in) in London Ontario

We at Ricky Ratchets Auto are sorry to see this long time company close up . We have heard there are people with gift certificates that have not been used and they will not get use of them . We would like to offer...

where can i get my car fixed in London Ontario

You can get your car fixed at Ricky Ratchets auto repair in London Ontario . Check us out at Ricky ratchets reviews

Gore Road Auto Services London Ontario

If you are looking for auto service near Gore road in London Ontario we are a great choice at Ricky Ratchets Auto Repair . We can get that hard to find part and get you back on the road as soon as possible ....